The Cammed & Tubbed Podcast: Episode 107 – Tangential

It’s back to just the trio for this week. as we had a lot of cool things to talk about, just among us. Sometimes you just have to get back to your roots, ya know? We’ll have a spate of guests in the next few episodes, so take a hosts-only episode when you can, I guess. Jason’t computer issues last week moved to Brad this week, as his Skype connection cut out for a bit and lagged some. We have tried our best to alleviate that for you in the edits. Jason gets emotional ’bout Eleanor again.
This episode’s topics include: The d’s, Brad went to a concert, we get existential and talk about living in the moment, Ford releases the GT configurator, and we talk pricing, Brad watched a lot of racing this weekend, Brad and Jason are going to Shift S3ctor in Coalinga this weekend, so if you are in the area, stop in and say hi!, Brad will be driving the new Porsche Carrera S and Carrera 4S between now and next week’s episode, so if you have a question or two about those, he might be able to answer them for you. Jason might have an RS7 Performance over the weekend, so ask about that, too!
The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast – Tangential

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  1. Maymar Avatar

    In no particular order;
    Of Monsters And Men are from a country that believe in elves, so at least unlike a lot of new bands, that sort of whimsy naming doesn’t feel like forced pandering.
    The I5 in the Colorado is a derivative of the GM Atlas I6 (a sad evolutionary dead end), and also related to the Colorado’s I4. Not to say it sounds exceptionally good or anything, but it’d be interesting to see how one sounded uncorked.
    A couple years back, I drove the Mazda6 (gas and diesel!) back to back with the Accord, Fusion, Passat (in the I5 days), and a turbo Optima. The 6 was easily the driver’s car of the bunch, and the best looking, but really, the Kia was the only one that was awful to drive (which might have also been a factor of having between 35 and over 100 more hp than any other car there). Mazda’s sort of caught between going more hardcore to pursue a very niche market (giving up a lot of buyers), or going more mainstream (and fighting more established mainstream players). In addition, for their zoom zoom image, their disinterest in power as part of that sort of alienates the type of enthusiast who thinks in 1/4 mile times, so they’re pursuing a fraction of a niche. And, with mid-sized cars, they’re also facing competition from entry-level luxury cars. There are times you’re more likely to see an A4 or 3-Series than Camcordima here. That considered, it’s impressive they’re doing as well as they are, although it’s responding fairly well in Canada (I have multiple Mazda-driving friends, and over a dozen Mazdas in my condo parking garage).
    In terms of Benz’s history, I don’t think the CLA is *that* bad. It’s entirely underwhelming, but so was the W203, and we’ve all moved on from that. I think the bigger problem is that they’ve so aggressively chased the badge whoring market with the mini-CLA styling, that it feels more like selling out. We get the B-class up here, which is ostensibly a CLA tall-wagon, and I drove one about a month back. It’s plenty quick, in B form, it’s spacious (the CLA is admittedly cramped), and at $30k, it’s no great value, but it’s at least on par with a well-equipped mid-sizer (including material quality). Unfortunately, it’s a bit tippy. But anyhow, the CLA – is it really any different from the 1.8T A3 except for the flashier styling? And with the A3, why buy the cheap one when you could spend even less on an equally good Golf?
    Oh yes, and as far as spec series, since Brad beat me to Spec Fortwo, what about Spec Ram? For about $26k, you can get a Tradesman with the Hemi and nothing else, and a fleet of those on a non-circle track seems like the best kind of bad idea.

    1. Bradley Brownell Avatar
      Bradley Brownell

      It even says in that article that Mazda had their best sales year in 21 years last year. It’s hard to spin that into a negative in my eyes.

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