The best kind of taxi is one that goes sideways like La Flama Negra

I trekked out to the dusty hills of Lancaster, CA to check out one of Chris Forsberg’s new rides. His Datsun 280Z was in town, and I got to drive it. More on that later though, because today I’m showing you a quick glimpse of one of his other machines. 
It’s nicknamed La Flama Negra (Formerly La Flama Blanca, but there’s a new livery scheme coming). This was an Infiniti M35, but the M35 portion is gone. In its place is a VK56, which is Nissan’s V8 that you’d expect to find under the hood of various trucks and SUVs.
Here it’s making somewhere around all of the horsepower and every bit of the noise. It also turns this Infiniti into the greatest taxi on the planet.

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One response to “The best kind of taxi is one that goes sideways like La Flama Negra”

  1. neight428 Avatar

    That Nissan V8 does sound quite good. I don’t know if it is a firing order thing or what, but of all of bro-trucks with bro-exhaust, the Titans always sound the best.