Yesterday, I asked you what your best non-fix car fix was? My favorite two, out of the many great answers, were one about simply putting ones hands on the hood, and the other is to acquire an additional car. I’m working on that second one at the moment, but that’s another story.

With regards to my 1974 Mercedes-Benz 280 and its fuel leak, I’ve had no reoccurrence of the problem. The moral here is that I need to not park my car for extended periods facing nose up on a hill. I can handle that. Of course, the real answer is that I should examine all of the fuel lines and replace any that appear to need replacing. But there are no drips right now. No fuel leaking its way into the floor of my garage. The car is running strong, and I still enjoy driving it.

Still, I pulled out the cameras when I set out ready to fix my Benz. I shot a video. That video is of me not fixing a thing, and coming out the other end with a car that no longer has the issue I was originally trouble shooting.

This is not a wrenching win like the time I fixed my dash lights. It’s not a wrenching loss though, either. This is a diplomatic engagement in the war of project car ownership. A minor battle where both sides head home with their heads held high. There are no losers on this day. Nothing gained… but nothing lost.