The American Muscle/Swarr Auto V6 Mustang Project Car

American Muscle and Swarr Auto have teamed up to turn their wrenches on an unlikely project car candidate. A 2005 V6 Mustang has received their attention. I can see the appeal in wanting to turn a V6 into something more exciting. I wish they went a little more on the sleeper side, but the results are pretty impressive considering where they started. Hop the jump for four (4!) videos that showcase their work. If you are impatient, the final video reveals the final dyno numbers. Part 1 features a dyno run to achieve a baseline and a first look at the parts. Part 2 digs into the exhaust, wheels, tires, and springs. Part 3 involves adjusting the style of the V6 Mustang. The fourth and final video shows off the final dyno numbers and adds one more Instant PAH! power element. Head over to their official project page to get a complete list of all the mods used in the videos. So what do you think Hoons? It is nice to see someone turn a V6 Mustang into a car you would actually want to drive. The only problem for them is that Ford beat them to the punch with the upcoming 2011 Mustang V6 squeezing out over 300 hp. I think they still deserve a Hooniversal Salute especially since they wanted even more power at the end and crammed in a nitrous bottle. Nothing spells fun like N-O-S.

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