The Amazing Vehicles of 2017 Overland Expo East

They meet twice per year, on the east and west side of the United States. They come from everywhere. They are outdoor lovers, vehicle enthusiasts, and explorers, all in one. Along come vendors of equipment, service providers, and vehicle manufacturers. They all meet to learn driving, survival, and camping skills. They checkout each others’ vehicles, campsites, and various setups. And then they go on mini expeditions, too. 
Last year my friend Leo attended the 2016 Overland Expo East and provided us with some pictures. This year is no different. Leo sent along dozens of pictures of various vehicles that were there. There were vehicles that are rare and obscure, interesting, and affordable, but likely not at the same time. They had various camping styles, too. Everything from a tarp over an old wagon to a million dollar Unimog designed to go anywhere. Check them out!

Toyotas – Tacomas, 4Runners, and HiLuxes – everyone has ’em. 

But some are more interesting than others, such as this early pickup with Cummins diesel power. 

The last camping cabin I stayed in was smaller than this. 

Look at those wheels!

Plenty of vendors. 

This Land Cruiser seems to have come from far away. The 70-series rigs are still in production but sadly not sold around here. 

How do you store all of the equipment? Trunk-mounted drawers seem most convenient and popular. They allow easy access to everything and there is still cargo room on top of them.

This is a two-wheel-drive electric motorcycle from New Zealand. More on it later…

Looks like an AEV modified RAM 2500. 

How cute, her 4Runner and his Tacoma. Same color, same TRD Pro trim, similar RTRs – roof top tents. 

I saw something like this at a Lemons race. Brilliant. 

The most interesting part of this Sequoia is its high-clearance trailer. 

Two-story tent. Bit much in my opinion…

These Land Cruisers can still be found for decent money, but that won’t last long. 

I’m not even sure what kind of a truck this is… Mitsu Fuso?


Solar panels are the big thing these days. 

The Cummins diesel swap seems to be the LS swap of the overland crowd, and rightfully so. 

Earlier mentioned drawer system. This Jeep also has swing-away tire carrier and gas/water/jack carrier. It’s all bolted up to the bumper. Since the Grand Cherokee isn’t a body-on-frame vehicle, I wonder how this is supported. 

Vans with 4WD are getting more and more popular. They won’t fit on many trails but they’re self-contained and have the most space. 

Leo told me that he was pretty sure that this was just a homeless guy who happened to be there. 

Mitsubishi Delcia! Read all about them here

This guy saw Bowman’s old rig and loved it. 

Looks like this might an ex-military rig. 

This is not a 4Runner but a HiLux Surf, which is a 4Runner. But it’s more desirable here because it’s JDM, y0!

Nicely updated Defender. No tent in sight which means that these people are doing it right y staying a five-star resort. 

Defender 130! Want. 

Nicely modified LR2. 

Stuck? Use a winch. No tree to attach the winch cable to? Use this. 

Will get everywhere, slowly. 

When it gets dark, this guy wins. 

I don’t know what’s going on here. Is it a Land Cruise nose on a HiLux or is it a chopped 120. I don’t think a pickup chassis like this is available from Toyota. 

Land Rover representing with new Discoveries, Range Rovers, and some Defenders. Jeff and Brad say the new Discos are fantastic. 

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5 responses to “The Amazing Vehicles of 2017 Overland Expo East”

  1. Troggy Avatar

    The 70-series Cruiser is indeed from far away – Patriot campers are an Australian outfit. I think I see a steering wheel on the right and QLD plates if I squint just right at it.

  2. Rover 1 Avatar
    Rover 1

    That guy with the Unimog was lucky that the exact amount of scrap lumber at exactly the correct spacing for his park to keep the vehicle level.
    And that electric bike from my friends here in NZ

  3. Sjalabais Avatar

    Has this one been showered in salt water? Or maybe mineral rich Beijing smoggy rain?:
    Lots of interesting rigs here, but I have to admit that when I see these locally, it’s tourists that have to go slow and in discomfort for thousands if kilometers, only to drive the extra meters on gravel roads to park somewhere between rocks. It’s a very specific application.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      “…in discomfort for thousands of kilometers, only to drive the extra meters on gravel roads to park somewhere between rocks.”
      Are you sure they’re tourists and not geologists? We do that all the time.

  4. Christopher Tracy Avatar
    Christopher Tracy

    So many great rigs. My favorite part is how everyone has their own take on basically the same goal/purpose. After last weekend, I’m starting to look into adding the second battery/solar to power GPS and a couple of other outlets. Having only 1 outlet that the CB plugs into is limiting.