The 2023 Corvette Z06 sounds AMAZING

I am one of the folks underwhelmed by the noise of the new C8 Corvette. It’s an excellent machine but I was left wanting more. And now “more” is knocking on the door. It arrives bearing a Z06 logo and tremendous, outrageous, excellent noise.

Word has it that this C8 Z06 will be packing a flat-plane crank and a dual-overhead cam setup. It sounds like it can rev to the moon. Based on the performance of the Stingray, the Z06 will likely make far more expensive machines look downright foolish. We should know more sometime this fall, and we can’t wait to learn all about this sure-to-be-insane thing from Chevy.


  1. I guess it’s a marketing decision to first introduce mediocre versions of your all-new vehicle, then follow later with a “better” iteration that truly demonstrates what the car was meant to be. Whatever– I think the practice sucks. The tactic isn’t as underhanded as a bait-and-switch, but it’s pretty lousy all the same.

    Maybe the MR Vette that existed at debut was as good as Chevrolet had developed up to that point, but I seriously doubt it. It seems like they’re just milking sales.

    1. hey, sports cars are luxury products. I’m fine with squeezing the 10% if they can afford it. the car industry has gotta make money somewhere.

      1. TBH it really doesn’t matter to me anyway. In 40+ years of my car fanaticism, Corvettes have never even blipped my radar. I did respect the Vette for going toe-to-toe with exotic Italians using a FR layout and pushrod engine, but now that it’s gone MR, it feels like the car should be achieving more. That, and the new design is rather bland. Say what you may about the performance benefits of mid-engine layouts, but their designs all look relatively similar to me. Long hoods and short decks are way sexier, even if they aren’t as quick around the track.

        The short take: I’m much more likely to look closely at a nicely-modded Toyobaru than I am a new Corvette. Does that revoke my Hoon card?

        1. agreed. I also kinda felt the same about the C7, even though it was FR. very sports car, very Corvette, but maybe a little less Corvette than the C6. no such reservations about the C6, C5, C4, etc styling.

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