The 2018 Hooniverse Car of the Year is…

Not a car.

Once again our own Tanshanomi has worked over your hearts with a two-wheel entry. He did it in the past with that BMW bike, and now he’s done it again. This time with a very cool build from Ryan Frankenberg. The Fat Hippo is your 2018 Hooniverse Car of the Year.

It’s a great choice really, as I knew none of you would allow a Porsche, Lamborghini, or… other Porsche to win this one. The Fat Hippo drips with Hooniverse appeal. It’s the unholy love child between a Honda TRX250 ATV and junkyard ambition.

Sometimes, you grab the parts that are available to you. Fire up the welder. And on the other end you just might find a bit of magic has sprung to life in your garage. A hobby build like this shows that scraypard fun is within your grasp. Well, assuming you have some skill like Ryan. Theres’ no one in hell I could cobble together something like this.

Congratulations to Ryan and his Fat Hippo bike. Also congrats to Tanshanomi for once again picking a real winner. This is a well deserved victory.

Here are the final poll results, if you’re curious:

hcoty 2018 poll results

I expected the Tundra to do well. I didn’t expect the RP968 to do as well as it did, however, and the rest of the nominees shook out about as expected.

Later this year, we’ll round up your all of the past HCOTY winners for a special battle royale. In 2019, we will hit the 10-year anniversary of the creation of this vehicular rats nest. So to celebrate, we have something fun in store. Stay tuned for more information later in the year. For now, raise a glass and toast to the Fat Hippo.

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