The 2018 Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE just ripped the 'Ring a new one
The other day, I posted a video of my review of the Chevy Camaro SS 1LE. There’s a more evil beast coming out soon though, and its badging will read ZL1. You can spec your future freak-beast Camaro in 1LE guise, and that gets you Dynamic Spool Valve dampened suspension setup, a healthy heaping of aero bits, and a car that is capable of lapping the Nürburgring in 7:16.04.
You’ll also have a 650-horsepower engine under the hood and a six-speed manual gearbox at you beck and call.
There are few rear-wheel-drive production vehicles that have gone around The ‘Ring more quickly. An AMG GT R holds the top spot with a time of 7:10.92, and has a price tag quite a bit higher than the $70k it takes to own a ZL1 1LE.
We know that ‘Ring times don’t mean much in the real world… but you have to admire the fact that a Camaro just slapped its throbbing lap time on the counter, and right in the face of Yurup’s fastest machines. Also, watch the video above just for the driving ability alone and you’ll come away impressed.

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3 responses to “The 2018 Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE just ripped the 'Ring a new one”

  1. Gee Nick Avatar
    Gee Nick

    Wow. Probably the sketchiest I’ve seen of the modern model vids, including the Z06 and 918 laps. Plowed so much I didn’t think the fronts would last the lap, had to steer it on the gas mid-corner, but couldn’t jump on it until it was straight. The aero must be working at high speeds though because it was a rock through those corners. Didn’t look fun.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Also, struggled to hit 170 on that long straight… curious what it would do without the big rear wing and all the other bits

  2. cap'n fast Avatar
    cap’n fast

    a lot of cash for a track car only, like our friend the Hellcat. can not get insurance for this beast which will not bankrupt a Rockefeller. the interior still sucks pond slime. fit and finish is more on the order of a cheap Malibu. probably goes in a straight line ok. probably stops ok. doesn’t turn for squat. what a lump.
    never thought anybody could make a car that handled worse than an S-197 mustang with out heavy mods.