The 2011 World Rally Championship Lineup May Get a Whole Lot … Smaller?

Famed team Prodrive is talking with famed driver Per-Gunner Andersson about driving for them as they put together their campaign for 2011. Prodrive is famous for running those amazing Subaru cars for many successful years. What will they bring to take on the world next year?
Who out there guessed a MINI Crossover? No you didn’t stop lying… What will this MINI crossover WRC vehicle look like? Take your best crack at a Photoshop/MS Paint example in the comments and show us.
[Thanks to Dr. Scroggs, Esq. for the tip and check out for more info]

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26 responses to “The 2011 World Rally Championship Lineup May Get a Whole Lot … Smaller?”

  1. ChuckyShamrok Avatar

    Wasn't this supposed to be posted 7 days ago?
    At least its one more team in the WRC, watching only Fords and Citroens gets kinda boring, Wish it was Peugeot or Subaru though.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Just like HD Theater, we are a bit behind on our WRC news….

      1. ChuckyShamrok Avatar

        I was Implying that it was a april fools joke

        1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
          Jeff Glucker

          Just like my above comment… I am a bit slow.

    2. ptmeyer84 Avatar

      I agree! Ever since Subaru left, it got kind of boring. Also someone needs to beat that cocky Frog. I am holding out hope that Miko will win out, but I won't hold my breath.

  2. muthalovin Avatar

    It will look like this, but with 75% more scoops, vents, and lights
    <img src=""&gt;

    1. muthalovin Avatar

      Man, I LOLED hard at that number. This is 75% AWESOME! oh wait…

    2. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

      ohdearlord, let me fix that for you.
      just give me a minute

    1. engineerd Avatar

      Oh, sure. You went all fancy on it. Mine has more scoops, though. Ya gotta have the roof scoop! I have no idea what the scoop ahead of the rear wheels does, but this is WRC — scoops = horsepower.
      Mine: $500
      Yours: $50,000

      1. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

        oh it is too late now, already in production.
        Did you notice the totally awesome prodrive wheels with added distortion? Those things are like 8" deep, mofo!

        1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
          Jeff Glucker

          No interior work?

        2. ptmeyer84 Avatar

          I'm not gonna lie, I like this.

      2. dr zero Avatar

        Rear wheel scoops = Metro 6R4? We can always hope for the return of Group B.

  3. Tripl3fast Avatar

    Mini?!?! I am hoping/waiting for the VW entry. NO, not a Bug, but a Golf or Scirocco.

    1. scroggzilla Avatar

      More than likely, it will be the VW Polo. They already have a Super 2000 spec car, which is the basis of the 2011 WRC car.
      <img src=""&gt;

    2. Tomsk Avatar

      I've got my fingers crossed for a Dacia program. If it happens, I would hope they'd have the presence of mind to open the press release with "Great news!"

  4. damnelantra™[!] Avatar

    lets give posting a shot…
    <img src="; width="450" height="299" alt="Untitled-1" />

    1. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

      I would rally the crap out of that

    2. dr zero Avatar

      I think that many lights would draw more power than the engine produces. Which seems like a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Although I think that the colour scheme might be little more green orange and white, rather than the Spanish flag that you've gone for,

      1. damnelantra™[!] Avatar

        eh, i think its perfict considering im rushing brushstrokes between my supervisors watchful stares.

  5. smokyburnout Avatar

    It looks like comments for this thread are completely børked, but let’s give this a shot anyway.

  6. smokyburnout Avatar

    Like magic, the comments are unbørked! Let's try again.
    <img src=""&gt;

  7. Joeline M. Avatar

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