Techno Classica Weekend Edition: Volkswagen at Techno Classica

348589_1_770x513.583984375 Volkswagen’s stand at Techno Classica was expectedly GTI-heavy, as they celebrated the Golf GTI’s 40th anniversary. The ’76 GTI was represented by a Dutch example, the very first GTI to be registered in that country. It wasn’t nannied, but served as a dealership demo car and ended up in the need of complete restoration – that was done over a two-year period, and reportedly performed using parts made available by Volkswagen’s Classic Parts department. Can’t have come cheap. volkswagen_golf_gti_3-door_11 volkswagen_golf_gti_3-door_10 A GTI like this looks so very simple and light, and the silver colour just emphasises that. volkswagen_golf_rally_car_4 volkswagen_golf_rally_car_1 As for the second generation GTI, Volkswagen wheeled out a rally car from a decade later. Great colour scheme, and if the front bumper sags, it’s probably because of all those floodlights! volkswagen_golf_gti_20_jahre_1 This is the image VW used to note the Mk3’s representation at Techno Classica, and the car at the show was a 110-horsepower TDI version with GTI trim. Quote unquote:

On the 20th anniversary of the GTI, Volkswagen surprised the GTI fan base with a special edition – and with a particularly sporty direct-injection diesel. This four-cylinder TDI was the most powerful of its kind at the time and delivered 110 horsepower in the GTI – exactly the same as the original Golf GTI. The special edition remained in the line-up until 1997 and was reminiscent of the original GTI with its numerous equipment details.

Quite. Nice BBS wheels! Volkswagen-Techno-Classica-40-Jahre-GTI-Rad-Ab-Com-2-1024x724 And I guess you can see a lot of the current Golf face in this GTI Roadster Vision Gran Turismo, that also made it to the show. It’s come amazingly far from the 1976 Golf GTI.

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