Never to be outdone, BMW brought a freaking airplane to Techno Classica. They recently turned 100 years old, and the Bavarian propeller logo does stand for actual propellers.
But since this isn’t Atomic Toasters, I’m dedicating this post to the BMW M1: the best Lamborghini BMW ever made. Or something.

Look at the pointy nose, all business! If this was any other automotive site, the copy here would claim how a modern Camry would easily match the 277-horsepower M1 that also has six cylinders, not eight or twelve. But this is a Hooniverse Weekend Edition, and none of that is here to blemish the M1’s legacy as a true supercar legend.
It even looks so well-packaged from here. You probably could fit a 1978 sports bag in the frunk and a couple more behind the engine.
Inside, it looked completely spartan. No fripperies.
The taillights on the E26, as the type code went, were shared with the E24. Also, reportedly the door handles and heater controls are E21 3-series items and the rear brake calipers come from the E12 5-series front end.
Almost forgot! Here’s that airplane.