Techno Classica Weekend Edition: 1991 Audi Quattro Spyder

audi_quattro_spyder This weekend edition focuses on Techno Classica. No, that’s not a new wave band (that’s Classix Nouveaux), but a classic car show held in Essen, Germany, in early April. It’s a show where German manufacturers often like to flaunt their greatest hits, and every now and then something particularly rare takes the stage. The car to start off the weekend here is the Audi Quattro Spyder from 1991, perhaps one of the best looking Audi concepts ever. It was one of the undeniable stars of this year’s show. audi_quattro_spyder_2 The 1990sness of the Audi, colour and all, is undeniable when you look at the detailing. But it’s as handsome now as ever, and little things here and there tie it to actual, built Audi and VW products. Aren’t those headlights Phaeton-like? audi_quattro_spyder_4 audi_quattro_spyder_3 The prototypes – two were built, this Fidzi orange one and a Gomera green car – were powered by a mid-mounted 2.8 V6, which was unusually transverse. 170 hp isn’t a supercar number, but as the car only weighed 1100kg, that’s probably plenty. audi_quattro_spyder_5 Even the interior looked well finished for a prototype. And of course it had a cassette deck. audi_quattro_spyder_6 It’s amazing this thing is a quarter of a century old.  

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