Techno Classica Weekend Edition: 1991 Audi Avus Quattro

audi_avus_2 A suitable counterpart or companion piece for the restrained and tasteful – albeit orange – Quattro Spyder is the Avus concept, all bulges and polished surfaces. This is also a 1991 car, and mid-engined, but somehow it couldn’t be more different. For some reason, I really enjoy Volkswagen Audi Group’s “Not Veyron” concepts. audi_avus_1 Yeah, it’s all aluminium, not chrome. The shapes take their inspiration from Audi’s prewar racers, and the name Avus even reflects those days. audi_avus_8 audi_avus_7 The Avus also introduced the W12 engine to the world. A 502-horsepower unit which of course sent power to all four wheels – or did it? The show car didn’t have the engine installed, but a mock-up in its place. audi_avus_9 audi_avus_6 Yet, you can’t deny the striking looks of the Avus. “This is the part in quattro where we dance.” audi_avus_4 And inside, red leather buckets. audi_avus_3 Both cars side by side at Techno Classica, 18″ wheels gleaming.

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