Team Trailing Throttle Oversteer: Its Alive…. ALIVE!

Yes, the Corvair lives. Late Sunday, the engine cranked over, and smoked profusely (because of all the Marvel Mystery Oil no doubt) but the little engine that could is running, though not as healthy as last year. Read more after the break….

This car is really one for the record books because it really is a simple engine to work on, with really very little moving parts, and an electrical system that almost anyone could understand, what else could go wrong? We did a compression check, and all the cylinders are between 110 and 130 psi, except for the stuck piston #5 which currently reads about 45 psi. Meh, I’ve seen worse… just right for LeMons.

The Transmission is shifting like it should, and we are currently replacing some brake lines, brake shoes, and that cracked brake drum I managed to overheat last year. Because I have a residual value of $150, I am able to replace some front end bushings, a tie rod, and get a four wheel alignment, and still stay under budget. It should handle better than last year, but it’s not going to be any faster…. my team will still be a rolling chicane.

Which brings me to some news about the team. You may know that there have been a couple of defections from my team. What they don’t know is that I am very proud to say that because of my efforts last year, two new teams have been formed, and will be competing this year; Team Angry running a 1979 Buick Regal, and Overengineer’d Racing with an E30. So, who is on the team competing this year?

Returning is a Corvair Expert, Andy Sarkozi, who showed up at the track last year with a 455 CID powered Corvair! He’s bringing his son to drive on the team as well. Many of you know Blake Rong, known as BZR, and he’s is currently on the roster as well. A late addition is Jeff Bloch, otherwise known as Speedycop on Jalopnik. This is the team captain for the Police Brutality Team, the ones that managed to enter a 1961 Cadillac at last years Detroit event, and the 1963 Thunderbird (Lately with a BMW V-12!)……

So, if you are ready for a real racing good time, come on out the the (Re-Named) 2010 LeMons New England on the 24th and 25th of July.

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