Anyone who likes cars and has access to the internet probably knows of Matt Farah. Likewise, many of the same people probably know Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC – we have featured his amazing detailing skills and his great products here many times. But many don’t know that Matt and Larry are childhood friends – they went to the same school.

For the past few years Matt has been building his car storage business is Los Angeles, called Westside Collector Car Storage. The building will hold more than a 150 vehicles, have a full detailing shop, a concierge and valet services, customer lounge, and other such clubhouse-like stuff. It will also host the offices and Smoking Tire Podcast, which our own Jeff will undoubtedly visit as soon it’s ready.

In this video Larry gets a personal tour from Matt of the building which is still under construction. Matt does a great job of explaining what’s where and there are helpful project videos are included, too. I have spent a good amount of professional life on big construction projects, and I am the middle of renovating my own house, I found this fascinating. The amount of permitting and engineering associated with this very atypical project must be staggering.