This one is… interesting. On one hand, I love the work done by both Superformance and Magnaflow. We’ve driven a number of great Superformance continuation cars and fitted Magnaflow exhaust to our own project vehicles. On the other hand, a classically cool MkI GT40 doesn’t need a modern wing and oversized wheels to help it’s style. But that’s what Superformance and Magnaflow are set to unveil at SEMA this year.
The livery homage. That part is kind of cool, since it celebrates the 50th anniversary of Ford’s Le Mans win while also celebrating the modern Ford GT race cars at the same time. 

I have no doubt it will sound amazing. Even with the EcoBoost power popped in place of the massive V8 that should be back there. I just think the car could ditch that oversized park bench on the tail and sort some proper wheels. Keep the livery. Keep the engine and exhaust. And then we might have a winner on our hands.