Super Stadium Trucks look awesome from a bumper cam

You’re well aware that the Super Stadium Trucks racing series is one of the most entertaining bits of motorsport on the planet. You take a tube frame chassis. Give it a 650-horsepower LS3 V8 engine and tons of suspension travel. And keep the weight to half that of a larger Trophy Truck. Then instead of racing on dirt, you keep the action on the pavement. Oh, but add large jumps in the middle of the track. And then you have a combination of racing that’s somewhere between NASCAR, the Baja 1,000, and …Professional Wrestling.

Series founder Robby Gordon strapped a camera to the bumper of his truck during a race at Road America. The angle gives a unique point of view on what’s going down during a heat. The jumps are huge. Edges of the track are merely a suggestion. And rubbin’ is most certainly racing. Every corner has wheels lifting, paint trading, and battles for position.

It looks like it’s as much fun for the drivers as it is for the fans. Super Stadium Trucks is a thrill from the green flag to the checkered, and I can’t wait to watch more of it soon. For now, if you’ll need me, I’ll be over at the SST YouTube page mainlining past footage.

[Source: YouTube via Road & Track]

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3 responses to “Super Stadium Trucks look awesome from a bumper cam”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    That looks fun as hell. Those trucks weigh less than 3000 lbs, even with all that tire. Unreal.

    1. Fuhrman16 Avatar

      You do have to remember, these things are smaller than they appear. Roughly the same size as a Miata.

      1. Zentropy Avatar

        Yeah, I realize they’re tiny compared to a trophy truck, but still– Miatas don’t run 35″ tires weighing 70 lbs each, either. An LS3 with T400 probably outweighs a Miata’s drivetrain by 250 lbs. And the truck shell is fiberglass, but under that is a full steel frame with some serious suspension bolted to it. I think it’s impressive that they manage to be within 500 lbs of an MX-5.

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