Submit Wrenching Tips/Garage Hacks, Win Money and Hooniverse Bragging Points

garage hacks Who here is has some cool DIY tricks and could use $500? Like, all of you, right? Through the month of September Valvoline is taking submissions for “Garage Hacks”, basically little tips/tricks that you use to make DIY wrenching go better. Sound familiar? In fact, I already submitted my previous wrenching tips like putting wrenches on carabiners or writing the date/mileage of an oil change on your filter. The, ahem, mechanics are as follows: take a picture and add a short blurb describing your “hack” and post it on facebook, twitter or instagram (@valvoline) with the #GarageHacks tag. The best submission each week gets a $500 gift card. Take a look at the submissions here. Knowing you guys, I fully expect a Hooniverse readers to put the existing submissions to shame. So much so, that I’ve already got some Valvoline swag to giveaway for a submission from here. If you submit something, post a link to it in the comments here. Highest voted comment here gets a hat, shirt, and an unexpectedly cool wooden box. [So yeah, if it seems like we’re participating in a social media marketing campaign, that’s because we are. There’s some more cool stuff coming up because of it, and compared to all the nonsense that comes across our inboxes this is right up our collective alley. Certainly better than some alternatives… – Ed]

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