Our fearless leader Jeff is taking a well-deserved vacation – the kind that involves leaving the computer at home. But fear not, the Hooniverse content machine is still hand cranking some… uh, content. Today we have a new review on our YouTube channel of a car that I’ve been very curious about myself. It’s the Subaru Outback Wilderness, a more off-road capable version of a car that was already pretty damn capable. Subaru is hoping to cash in on market trends that call for more adventure-ready vehicles, especially as Americans are eager to get back into the world outside their living rooms.

Is the Outback Wilderness the right tool for that job? Jeff finds out.

Disclaimer: Subaru invited us to drive the new Outback Wilderness in its natural habitat. They tossed Jeff the keys for a few hours and included a tank of gas, professional instruction, and probably some shrimp.