Streetwalking: Willys Jeep Pickup!

Some would say it's seen better days. I'd say it can't get much better than this.
This little beauty was parked outside my hotel recently, and I caught a few photos with my iPhone. I liked it so much, I went back with my good camera to get more shots.
Needs a tune-up, maybe a bit of a wash. And absolutely nothing else.
Well, perhaps “parked” is a bit of a strong word. It looks more like “abandoned” is the correct term, as it doesn’t appear to have moved in quite some time. Still, in so doing, this Willys managed to acquire one of the most perfect patinas we’ve seen in a very long time. Enjoy the gallery below. With a bit of research, I’ve managed to narrow this down to a model range between 1955 and 1960; it has the split windshield of a pre-1960 model, and the hood ornament of a post-1955 model. Other than that, I can’t narrow it down any further. Can anyone else get more specific?

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