Streetwalker- Thunderbird's Not Just a Wine Edition

Starting in 1982, the Ford Thunderbird enjoyed a renaissance which extended through 1997. Here’s an LX model, looking a little worse for wear, from that last year of four-seater T-Birds to date.
This metallic Blue over smog-eaten plastic bumper ’97 has a straight body which looks like it’s done time on a Hertz lot. The miasma that clouds the headlights is common with plastic lens cars of this age. Inside, the mouse fur interior has held up better than the exterior paint has, however there’s no indication of the condition of the mechanicals from the Ace-Is-The-Place For Sale sign.
What it does give you is a price- which is $2,200, and shows just how little these mid-level T-Birds are worth these days. Unlike the SuperCoupe, which had been discontinued a year earlier, this 140-bhp V6 LX has no sporting pretensions, but would provide comfortable and drama-free transportation until age and mileage conspire to make it’s roadability less practical than a final trip to the scrap yard where it will sit in the scorching sun to be picked over like a bloated cow in a pirana-filled river eddy.
That’s not to say these cars don’t have their fans, and with a solid four-wheel independent suspension chassis and handsome coupe body, that is not without reason. So, go ahead and kick its virtual tires, at $2,200 it’s either this, or that 52″ plasma down at Costco.

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  1. P161911 Avatar

    I mis-read wine as whine, as in supercharger whine. You had my hopes up for a 95-96 T-Bird S/C. This one seems a little over-priced unless the miles are really low.

    1. Dr_Dangerously Avatar

      I was also hoping it was a super coupe.
      aaaaaw, shucks

  2. engineerd Avatar

    The engineerd Fair Market Value (eFMV™) WOPR-like computer searched within a 25 mile radius of Dearborn, MI for comparable cars. Why so small? These things are a dime a dozen and with only 6kb of memory I had to avoid a buffer overrun.
    So, what did it find? Five LX coupes ranging in mileage from 80,000 to 145,000 and in price from $2,000 to $4,000. Surprisingly, the $4,000 car was one of the higher mileage cars. But I digress. At an average Autotrader asking price of $2,870, this example is fairly priced, although a good going-over of the mechanicals is in order. Especially of the pesky head gaskets.

    1. P161911 Avatar

      Most of them on the Atlanta CL are closer to $2000. I even found this potential LeMons gem:…. A 5-Speed S/C for $500!!!

      1. engineerd Avatar

        Ooooh…that would be a good LeMons candidate as long as the s/c isn't toast.

  3. CptSevere Avatar

    I like these T-birds. I even got a ticket in an '87 working for Hertz. A big fat ticket for going 100 near Park City on I-80.
    I like the wedge-shaped Cougars from about this year, too. I know a lady who has one, she loves her car. She works at a local watering hole and parks her car across the street, and I was sitting on the porch in front of the place enjoying a beverage with a buddy of mine one fine evening. We were discussing recent sightings of the local mountain lion, and I said "LOOK, THERE'S A COUGAR RIGHT THERE."
    I had him going for a minute. Hey, I never said I hung out with geniuses.

    1. Charles_Barrett Avatar

      …At which point, upon hearing this, the owner (a woman of a certain age) strode over to where you were sitting, and gave you a wink and her phone number…

      1. FTGDHoonEdition Avatar

        Haha! My first thoughts as well.

      2. CptSevere Avatar

        The owner is a woman of a certain age, and she's married to a co worker of mine called Big Mike. Mike is indeed big. Id hate to piss him off.

      3. CptSevere Avatar

        The owner is indeed a woman of a certain age, and is married to a co-worker of mine called Big Mike. Mike is really big. I would hate for him to see his wife give me her phone number (If I need to talk to her all I have to do is call Mike and have him put her on the phone).

        1. Charles_Barrett Avatar

          You know, Big Mike might want to contact a guy I know named Joey Greco, who hosts a TV show entitled "Cheaters". They use video surveillance to confirm, you know, cheaters. And flirty Cougars. I think. Just don't let Big Mike take a knife to the interview. Joey's onto that one ever since "the incident"…

          1. CptSevere Avatar

            Naw, Mrs. Big Mike doesn't fool around. No problems there. She's by no means predatory. Good bartender as well. Only thing Cougaresque about her is her car.

  4. _Tomsk_ Avatar

    The MN12 'Birds were neat looking cars. My late great uncle had a white '97 he bought new.

  5. Plecostomus Avatar

    $2,200 is WAYY too much money for this. I paid $1500 for mine, and it was a much nicer example.

  6. Plecostomus Avatar

    What's with the tbird love lately? I've had seven MN12 Tbirds of every kind but 5.0L pass through my hands in 3 years. They're great cars. We have two currently. And here I thought I was crazy.

  7. tonyola Avatar

    Neither a bargain or a ripoff, but for the same price or not much more, I can get a nicer-looking V8 model.