Streetwalker- Mercedes Coupe De Grace Edition

Another week, another Mercedes kicked to the curb and with a For Sale sign taped to its window. Today we have a W126-series 560 SEC of indeterminate age, and of determinate condition. Built between 1986 and 1991, these range-topping coupes brought the power to the people with both the M117 275-bhp 5,547-cc V8 as well as every option MB could throw at it. The car is so big that it has robot-butler arms that hand you your seat belt and then retract out of the way like a good servant. This black on black coupe asks $4,200 to take up residence in your driveway, and that seems a little steep considering the condition. There’s crazing in the lusterless paint- and black already shows each and every imperfection in excruciating detail. The stainless is also dented in places, and the bumpers show scuffing in places. Inside, things are different and the interior presents well, with no cracks in the dash and leather that looks pretty decent. If you’re jonesing for a big benz with locomotive-like power and presence, this might be right up your exceptionally wide alley. The claim of “Xlint” running is a plus, as these are wallet-draining to have repaired. Still, it’d be a good idea to have it run over with a fine-toothed comb to make sure there aren’t any surprises down the road. [nggallery id=48]

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