Streetwalker: Charger With A Landau Roof

Continuing our "orange" theme for today…
Here’s a helpful hint for anyone trying to sell a car. We all know that providing plenty of information to a potential buyer is helpful, but perhaps writing all of that information on a giant poster that gets displayed in the window is not the best idea. The poster in question had photos of the car. Not photos during restoration, or while work was being done. Just photos of the car. Since you had to lean over the car to see the photos, it seemed a bit redundant. There were also multiple paragraphs of detailed information, some of it questionable. In fact, there was so much information, I couldn’t actually see the price. Possibly one of the more important tidbits we might need to know. Also: anything with a Landau Roof looks ridiculous. There are no exceptions to this rule, unless they’re supposed to look ridiculous.

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