Stop-Motion Lego Drift is a Great Way to Start the Year

lego drift videoDrifting isn’t our favorite thing, but there’s no denying it takes wrenching and driving skill to build and control a car that vaporizes tires with the pros. Of course, neither applies in this case, as we’re talking about an impressive soundtrack coupled with a slick Lego diorama, courtesy of the guys at Revheads. The subject? “Mad Mike’s” quad-rotor FD RX-7. Also, The Stig makes an appearance.

Who is Revheads, by the way? They seek out great cars, create a 3D model, along with full 3D surround soundtrack of the car’s glorious noises and sell them on iTunes. In addition to the 26B RX-7, they have a NASCAR V8 powered Scion FT86.

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