Star Wars Charity Car Wash Cleans a Galaxie Far, Far, Away

Yesterday being May the 4th Be With You day, it seemed fitting to bring up the recent  G4  charity car wash benefitting the Make A Wish Foundation, which was done in full Star Wars costumes. So many bikini Leias!

For LA geeks, this must have been a star warsgasmic experience as the Leias and a sexy storm trooper lathered up and then sprayed car after car.  Jawas and sand people pitched in, putting their territorial differences aside. Even Anakin found a way to be more useful than annoying this time. Here he’s thinking the spray force is strong with this one. . . The worst part of any car wash is the drying, but this guy’s being a trooper by not complaining about getting towel duty. In case you wondered what it would be like having Princess Leia spopnge your car, there’s even a POV video! [youtube][/youtube] Ccheck out more pics at the image sources below, and may the forced induction be with you. Image sources: [,]

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