Spring Chicken: Triumph Herald 13/60

I took my Miata in for its yearly inspection the other day, as it had to be done by the end of this month. I’ve been driving it for a year now, without much problems at all! That does also mean I haven’t spent much time improving anything on it.
I was amused to find this True British Sports Car  British econobox parked on the next lot. It seemed to have been covered with a tarp, but the winter winds had blown the cover clear from the car. In any case, it was the most handsome Michelotti-styled car I had seen all day!

Is this Triumph a contender for Most Ill-Fitting Choice of Aftermarket Wheel Trim 2016?
The glasshouse is lovely and upright. Visibility is probably great, and only improved by removing the few bolts that keep the tin top on.
The side windows weren’t rolled up all the way, so I could take this glare-free shot of the inside. Either they all had a red primer paint, or this green car used to be maroon.
The 13 stood for 1300cc (almost) and the 60 for 60 horsepower (roughly), or how? 1296 cc and 61 bhp.
The Herald is probably easy to work on and not complicated to own, but they all seem to need some amount of welding. But a nearly 50-year-old car would probably have to be restored a few times over in its lifespan, I guess.

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