Spring Chicken: Triumph Herald 13/60

Photo-15.3.2016-13.43-1 I took my Miata in for its yearly inspection the other day, as it had to be done by the end of this month. I’ve been driving it for a year now, without much problems at all! That does also mean I haven’t spent much time improving anything on it. I was amused to find this True British Sports Car  British econobox parked on the next lot. It seemed to have been covered with a tarp, but the winter winds had blown the cover clear from the car. In any case, it was the most handsome Michelotti-styled car I had seen all day! Photo-15.3.2016-13.44-2 Is this Triumph a contender for Most Ill-Fitting Choice of Aftermarket Wheel Trim 2016? Photo-15.3.2016-13.44 The glasshouse is lovely and upright. Visibility is probably great, and only improved by removing the few bolts that keep the tin top on. Photo-15.3.2016-13.44-3 The side windows weren’t rolled up all the way, so I could take this glare-free shot of the inside. Either they all had a red primer paint, or this green car used to be maroon. Photo-15.3.2016-13.43 The 13 stood for 1300cc (almost) and the 60 for 60 horsepower (roughly), or how? 1296 cc and 61 bhp. Photo-15.3.2016-13.45.07 The Herald is probably easy to work on and not complicated to own, but they all seem to need some amount of welding. But a nearly 50-year-old car would probably have to be restored a few times over in its lifespan, I guess.

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