Spot the Difference: Honda's Impossible Dream ad, redux

I think I’ve come to a certain stage in my life, where I’m man enough to admit that the original “Impossible Dream” (Youtube link) commercial by Honda brings a tear to my eye every time I watch it. (Also, I’ve never seen Titanic.) An inspiring song (the aptly-named “Impossible Dream” by legendary crooner Andy Williams) coupled with a rad mustache and a host of eminently lust-worthy vintage machinery, starting with the adorable Z50 Monkey to the S500 all the way up to Mike Hailwood’s Isle-of-Man-conquering RC166 and the RA272 Grand Prix car , makes for a commercial that successfully renders me into a blubbering moron. As someone who grinds his knuckles on a CB550F, I admire a company that doffs its hat to its heritage. Now Honda’s gone and reminded us how much they kick ass by releasing an updated one with some of their new products. Can you spot all the changes? Here’s a hint: there’s a Shamu, some airplaney goodness, some lip service to the green front, and a certain Paranoid Android that features heavily. No bionic unicycle, however (thank God).

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