Spark-plug headphones to match your head-gasket iPhone case

By now we all have seen the iPhone head-gasket case. I liked the idea so much that some time ago I contacted the company about them selling us custom engraved Hooniverse iPhone cases our our store (more awesome-ish inventory coming soon) but the minimum order was too high for it to make sense. 

Now this company introduced a set of headphones “inspired by the shape of an automobile spark-plug” to match your case. Pretty cool. Typical headphone stuff here: 20Hz-20kHz range, 3.9′ cable, case, three sizes of buds. No, I do know what “high definition in-ear headphones” means.


To me it does not really look like a spark-plug, maybe a glow plug or a small light bulb. And I they don’t came with the little thing that wraps around the ear; these things always fall out of me. Anyway, cool idea. Yo, I heard you like cars, so I made you spark-plug headphones to got with your head-gasket phone case. Price is $60, which these days is about average for something like that… and at the same time a little too much I think. 

Also, I saw an “official” TopGear iPhone cases yesterday. Also also… what would you like to see us sell in our store, other than stickers, new batch of which is coming soon?

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