Sort Beverly Hills Car Club's Listings by Price for an Endless Supply of Bad Ideas

1957 continental mk ii for salebianchi for sale
Nothing more expensive than a cheap luxury car, they say. The Beverly Hills Car Club–actually, we’re going to digress right now. “Beverly Hills Car Club” is neither a car club nor in Beverly Hills. They’re a dealership that traffics cheaper examples of classics and exotics. Their address is a small warehouse in Lincoln Park, a gritty working class neighborhood about 30 minutes east of Beverly Hills. That said, their collection is extensive and actually pretty interesting…

Of course, we can’t afford like 90% of their listings, but the bottom end makes for entertaining project car hell scheming. Most emblematic might be this 1957 Continental MK II. Unfamiliar with the Not-a-Lincoln Continental? Go read Lieberman’s Jalopnik Fantasy Garage article for a condensed summary of why it’s awesome (while you’re there find bask in the nostalgia of Jalopnik 1.0 and its commenters) or Hemmings for a more encyclopedic writeup.

Anyway, this particular example lists at a mere $12,750 and looks pretty solid from the outside. Whatever color the paint was originally, it’s faded to “corpse skin”. Also, sadly, the interior is a total writeoff. Under the hood is a factory-blueprinted Lincoln 368ci V8, which won’t necessarily be impossible to find parts for. Personally, I’m torn, as with a car in this condition you might be better off to gut it and go with a quick-and-dirty redo with a cheap craigslist bench from a wagon or something. But this isn’t just some car; it’s a Continental and deserves to be brought back to its former glory.
1957 continental mk ii interior
Meanwhile, be sure to check out the rest of their listings for some pretty optimistic pricing on some remarkably decrepit…but still kinda tempting vehicles.


          1. Is it the only streetview in the whole world where one can go inside the car? Blue Bentley, parked in front of their garage where one could walk around in, too…

  1. Make sure when you peruse their listings that you don’t offend anyone with all the OH SH*Ts you’ll be dropping. The aforementioned Continental? A bevy of E-Types? A $90,000 911?

  2. Made sure to visit when I was in L.A. last year. BHCC did not disappoint. The people were nice and the inventory was interesting. Fair warning to car snobs; this place isn’t for you.

  3. All these 914s that just came out of storage, did they come out of storage when a tornado destroyed the warehouse they were in?

  4. My sister in law and her husband bought their Maserati Ghibli from BHCC. Price wasn’t all that great, but then the place is a wheeler dealer so you can’t really blame them.

      1. You are right – indeed it is the Transformabile version. That should teach me to post without checking.
        But it probably won’t.

  5. OK, am I that out of scope with classic car pricing or are these guys hitting the crack pipe pretty hard?

    1. They run high. If you buy one of the project cars from them you’re not going to make wads of cash. Instead, think of them as basically doing the eBay/Craigslist trolling for you and acting as a broker. You’re going to pay extra for the service.

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