Somethings Old, Something New, This olelongrooffan Needs Your Help Once Again

So, my fellow Hoons, in an effort to keep this olelongrooffan from developing a case of “The Terrible Twos” (Hooniparents will know what that means), the Hooniverse Overlords, for my second birthday, have decided to let me run with an idea for a post series here in the Hooniverse. But I need the help of my fellow Hoons.

As may have been noticed, well at least I did, this olelongrooffan tends to run across some pretty unusual vehicles in my travels. Over at my personal blog, back when I am over there more than here, I have a series called “What I Saw Today.” In the past three days, this olelongrooffan has seen a 71 Cadillac, a 79 Impala coupe, an early 60’s compact Buick convertible, a 1940 Cadillac Lasalle sedan, a Beck Porsche speedster, and I don’t even remember what else. And that was just on the surface streets, no car shows or junkyards. So I approached the Overlords about creating something like that series here in the Hooniverse. And the idiots (now I’M FIRED) intelligent beings they are decided to give me just enough rope. But I was informed to find a unique Hooniname for this series. And this is where this noncreative olelongrooffan needs my fellow Hoons assistance.

Here in the Hooniverse we have V.I.S.I.T. which was developed with vehicles seen in traffic as opposed to the capturing of static vehicles either in the street or parking lots. thefinnishdude has excellent posts about the cars he sees on a near daily basis wherever the fuck it is he lives in Finland and Our Esteemed Weekend Editor always comes up with some cool shit over the weekend (this past one included). Hey you, in the back, sit down and be quiet!

But this olelongrooffan just likes gathering up images of what were once nearly ubiquitous sightings back in the day. It could be any kind of American iron such as this Merc, that cool notchback VDub seen above or an International Metro stepvan I spotted in Ms. Martin’s hometown last summer.

It could even be the images of this Duster and its story I captured in toney Palm Beach Gardens, Florida last spring. Just whatever is come across by we Hoon contributors. Yeah, it won’t just be this olelongrooffan on this one. Others behind the scenes are interested moderately curious and my fellow Hoons contributions to the tips line with images and maybe a story or two will be appreciated.

So now my fellow Hoons, here is my dilemma. The aforementioned Ms. Martin has his excellent postings, somewhere around these tubes, known as D.O.T.S. in whatever town he happens to be in and this olelongrooffan really would like to keep What I Saw Today to my selfish self. So, both of those names are out and we Hoons need a Hooniname of our own, of course.

Basically any catchy title name will be scrutinized for timeliness, applicability, originality, and a whole bunch of other words and criteria which will be decided upon by a bunch of folks who will probably have had to much to drink or conversely not enough time on their hands or just plain ole apathy.

But, whatever name is decided upon, the Hoon submitting the winning title will not be disappointed. This olelongrooffan has a moderately decent supply of swag I have been stealing hoarding collecting up and I’ll get some of it off to the winner.  Hell, I even sent Dearthair a Lincoln hat I gathered up at the flea market to round out a 3 for $10 deal on ballcaps. Just because. And I know out there somewhere is Hoongster Hooning a Hot Wheels AMX Javelin he stole from his oleman.

This series will not contain show cars at car shows, junk cars at junkyards, new cars that some of the Hooniverse Overlords seem to get ahold every damn week of the month. No web captures, reposts from photo posting sights, imgur or anything similar.

Yes, it will contain just regular once everyday cars in original photos by your fellow Hoons seen out and about in the Hooniverse we live in.

So get cracking Hoons. This olelongrooffan is giving my fellow Hoons until 8:00 PM EST Thursday night (that is 5:00 PM PST for all you left coasters) to come up with something snitty, witty and wise.

Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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