Someone Buy This Subaru 360

Just look at that face. How can you say no?

This beautiful little Subaru 360 has been sitting on Craigslist for sale for some time now. And the longer it sits there, the longer our beloved damnElantra™ starts going crazy.

Minor work required, but the seller says it runs.

For those of you who know damnElantra™, aka Jeremy!, you’ll be aware of his crazed, all-consuming obsession love for strange and unique cars or mini-cars. He also has a unique ability to tempt me with postings on my Facebook wall, featuring strange military vehicles, unique vans, classic Ramblers or what-have-you that are wholly impractical and totally inappropriate for me to purchase, but for which I would gladly trade my firstborn — or, for that matter, someone else’s firstborn — for a chance to own.
This little Subaru is having a similar effect on Jeremy; as such, someone needs to buy it. We can’t help but think the $2750 asking price is a bit… optomistic. Nonetheless, it would be a pretty wicked project car. Just think how much fun it would be with the flat-four from a WRX STi stuffed in there somehow. Now quick, someone shell out the cash before Jeremy does.

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  1. Paul Y. Avatar
    Paul Y.

    I'd kill to have one of these.
    I had seen somewhere an image of one of these in the back of a full-size pickup (which, naturally, I cannot find), but this is an adequate substitute:….
    …and while googling, I found this:
    Lowrider with a VW motor. Good god.

    1. superbadd75 Avatar

      The VW motor is sick! The color makes me sick! The drop is just, uh, sick.

  2. om_nom_de_plume Avatar

    continuation of the van tags FTW!
    Jeremy should just buy this… no different then either os us other SoCal fools doing so! We'll all bring beer, wrenches and jack stands to help out!!
    (seriously I love the idea of this as a daily… the 65 is gonna be a little thirsty for me driving all about for worky work)

    1. jeremy![™] Avatar

      oh god how i want to. check back in 6-12 months

      1. om_nom_de_plume Avatar

        my parents have 2.5 acres an hour from Palm Springs… you can park it till ready to work! 😀 /temptation

        1. jeremy![™] Avatar

    Not a very convincing Japanese name this "3-6-0". It lacks that certain deeply buried homo erotic undertone that most of these Japanese suits come up with. Like the "Every Joypop 4WD Turbo"! What the eff is a Joypop?

  4. superbadd75 Avatar

    Hayabusa swap? I think maybe so!

    1. superbadd75 Avatar

      Actually, now I'm thinking Honda. I've got a lawnmower I haven't used in a while.

    2. Han_Solex Avatar

      Keep it in the family. Go with a Fuji Rabbit motor.

      1. Deartháir Avatar

        Wouldn't the link, then, be a Yamaha bike engine, since both Subaru and Yamaha are affiliated with Toyota somehow?

      2. om_nom_de_plume Avatar

        way not big enough!

        1. CptSevere Avatar

          Gold Wing or Valkyrie six. That's it, hands down. Or, how about this? Suzuki Water Buffalo 750 water cooled two stroke triple. With three expansion chambers sticking out from under the bumper. How's that?

          1. om_nom_de_plume Avatar


    3. discontinuuity Avatar

      Came here to suggest the 'busa, knew that someone had probably beat me to the punch.

  5. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar

    I'd carry it around in the back of my truck. When I need to zip around fuel efficiently, just lower the bed, few 2x4s, and deploy this little guy out

    1. Paul Y. Avatar
      Paul Y.

      Bring A Trailer had a Unimog listed a while back that was converted to a FWD car hauler, with an air-actuated rear suspension to lower it's cargo to the ground. As car haulers go, it meant serious business.

      1. Texan_Idiot25 Avatar


      2. om_nom_de_plume Avatar

        This must be the image Paul Y. couldn't find!

  6. tenbeers Avatar

    I'm picturing it in World Rally Blue, staccato 2 liter turbo boxer exhaust note, white 15" gravel wheels, and sitting at the start line for Targa Newfoundland.

    1. Deartháir Avatar

      Excellent. Buy it, you can join Amber and my racing team, "Shiny Side Down Racing".

  7. Tim Odell Avatar
    Tim Odell

    Who else's firstborn…?
    I've already committed mine for the BMW 3.8 CSL.

    1. jeremy![™] Avatar

      so then youll need be completing those landscaping renovations by march then?

      1. Tim Odell Avatar
        Tim Odell

        Re-organized the garage so (fingers crossed) I'll be able to put the Falcon in the garage this weekend.

  8. Thrashy Avatar

    I was all set to resign myself to not buying it, but then I saw that it's got suicide doors on the front. So, uh, anybody got some cash to loan me?

  9. dmilligan Avatar

    It's cute, but I don't think I could get one of my feet in it, much less the rest of me. I'm a bit on the tall and large size.

    1. jeremy![™] Avatar

      sounds like its time for some o-band and a possible femur reduction surgery.

    2. om_nom_de_plume Avatar

      seriously, I saw a picture of one by a Smart… it was much smaller…. that's a deal breaker for me!

  10. Smells_Homeless Avatar

    Oh for crap's sake, SOMEONE has to buy it. And do it soon, because I don't want to drive it to Indiana.

  11. Alff Avatar

    Judging from the car in the street, this guy is wholly committed to obscure and absurd early Subies. I'm staying away, just in case it's contagious.
    I can think of many awesome things that could be done with this. Fortunately, I lack the skills to bring them to life.

  12. Age_of_Aerostar Avatar

    Wasn't it just a week or so ago, that people chipped in to buy that guy an engine for his Accord wagon….. I'd double the donation I made to that for Jeremy! to purchase this!
    (provided we get pictures, and in the one-in-a-million chance I'm ever close to where he lives, I get a ride around the block in it)

  13. dustin_driver Avatar

    That headline + that picture = Automotive Blog Perfection

  14. andy wallwhore Avatar
    andy wallwhore

    How can you not love it, it's almost three quarters symmetrical. Not what I picture when imagining a 360 (2 year import in the us and 2.2k sold explains that), was there ever a wagon variant?

    1. Joe Dunlap Avatar
      Joe Dunlap

      Ummmm, it ISa wagon?? Seriously, there was a pickup version of this also. A local florist in my hometown used one just like this for deliverys for quite a few years in the 60's and 70s.

  15. discontinuuity Avatar

    If only I had $2700 or lived in SoCal. But if someone does want to make a pool to buy it, I'd chip in a few bucks.

  16. MrGoodCat Avatar

    I need to move to Cali, only for the amount of craigslist awesomeness.

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  19. Scotti Avatar

    Give me a couple months to save the cash and I'll make an offer [with the reassurance that it'll make the drive to NY state]. I see that the Craigslist ad has expired though.

  20. Avatar

    Still for sale guys, I have had offers but no one commits.

    1. marc laderoute Avatar
      marc laderoute

      Hi there, I am a serious buyer please call me at 519-572-0197 to discuss

    2. Lauren Miningham Avatar
      Lauren Miningham

      Is it still for sale now? If so please reply back

  21. Sportcyc Avatar

    Is that bus still for sale, anyone have the craigslist link?

  22. tony j Avatar
    tony j

    Hi im Tony and im from San Diego , I was wondering if you still have the van for sale and if so If you can give me a call at 858 688 0459

    1. J.LopezR. Avatar

      Tony it was sold a long time ago. I recognize you from the club good job on your van.

  23. annie Green Avatar
    annie Green

    Is this still for sale?

    1. J.LopezR. Avatar


  24. Joe Avatar

    That is bad as hell. Would probably fit in the back of my Dodge van too.