Smokin' Hot Italian Seeks Marriage to Stay in the States

Mama Mia!
Nicolas Sarkozy did it, and now so can you. Offered up on the Manhattan Craigslist is a not-for-U.S.-consumption Alfa Romeo 166. The 166 is Alfa’s big sedan, having replaced the 164 – which was sold here – in 1998. Powered by Alfa’s sweet, sweet 225-bhp 3.0-litre V6, this 2003 edition is knocking on your door at 2 AM – wearing nothing but a slip and high heels – asking you to help her, and if she could spend the night. Puuuuurrrrrrrr. Probably brought over by a diplomat or Russian drug king-pin, it’s now offered up for only $8,500 American and could easily be your nightmare of licensing and bureaucratic red tape daylight mistress. It’s sporting the Super package which includes MOMO leather on the thrones, and every soon to fail electronic accessory the Italians could loosely bolt into it. Not having a clue how to get this beauty past California’s smog cops, I’m erasing the ad’s phone number from my iPhone and am not going to look at the ad again. Oh god, I accidentally looked at it, MUST. HAVE. ILLICIT. ALFA! Craigslist Thanks to Justin for the tip!

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