Showdown: Sub-$1000 Oddities – Pintochero or Matador Coupe?

Last week’s dubious SVO gave the equally dubious Trans Am Turbo a shameless drubbing in the voting. However, today’s contenders are 1/10th the price, and offer style and utility (but not both!). The Matador Coupe may have been the fever-dream of AMC stylist Bob Nixon, conceived during a period where “automotive styling” was primarily an oxymoron, but for the low low price of $500 you can have a couple of tons of AMC’s finest. Even though the motor needs some work and it’s brown (“yes brown thats the way it came in 76!!”), all of your roller derby friends will love it! Hood pins are a plus. (Also check out Ate Up With Motor’s excellent Matador article!) You know what the Matador won’t do? Carry a sheet of plywood or drywall around. Unfortunately, this little sawzall special probably won’t be able to either, but at least you won’t be out a ton of cash. You will also have to steel yourself for the lack of such truck essentials as a tailgate or a divider between the cabin and the bed. Minor details! The real story here is that for $600 you can have the only Pintochero on the block. [poll id=”12″]

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