Showdown: Stout Vs Stout Edition

1966 Toyota Stout Pickup for sale

In our last Showdown, the polls plugin decided to take the day off, so (as of right now) it’s a fierce 0-0 tie between the Buick Sport Wagon and the Corvair. The poll’s back up, so feel free to go back and vote if you feel like it.

Today we’re running an even more absurd comparison, despite the fact that both contestants have the same name: Stout. We’re putting this 1966 Toyota Stout pickup against an equivalent amount (by dollars) of Stone’s Imperial Russian Stout. That’s right, it’s a few grand worth of pickup truck against a few grand worth of beer.

This ’66 Stout 1900 has a few things going for it: the body’s only got minor rust issues, it’s got Boston-terrier-esque mini-butch looks, and best of all a four on the tree. Unfortunately, the engine’s gonna need a rebuild (or at least a head gasket) and the only key’s broken off in the ignition. Even in top-running condition, this little tike’s gonna struggle to carry more than one large pizza, let alone get it there in 30 minutes or less. Still, it’s definitely a rare artifact from a time when trucks were just there to work. Opening bid’s $1500, Buy-it-now’s $3,000 with no bids a day left on eBay.

While the Toyota Stout is an exercise in under-doing things, Stone’s Imperial Russian Stout is the opposite. In automotive terms, think Unimog powered by a GMC Twin-Six. Serious business wrapped in serious business, ready to put you on your ass in no time. It’s basically beer concentrate. Dilute it 50/50 with water and you’ve got Guinness. Despite this heaviness, it’s actually quite pleasant to drink…so maybe add a nice suspension seat and AC to that Unimog analogy. At $2.99/22oz bottle, you’ve got roughly a week year’s supply of the stuff for the price of the Toy. [poll id=”26″]

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