Showdown: Aquaman Needs a Muscle Car Edition

1968 Plymouth Barracuda for sale1967 AMC Marlin for sale

Our last Showdown remains a three way shuffle between the Viper, Pantera and 308. As of right now, the Pantera’s got the Ferrari by 2 votes.

Widely regarded as the lamest of superheros, Aquaman’s on land image could probably get a bump if he had a bitchin’ ride. Given all the options out there, we know it would eventually come down to these two: a Marlin and a Barracuda. The ‘Cudda sports a 4 speed and a 340, while the Marlin’s got a 343, power everything, AC and, well, it’s a Marlin!

1968 Plymouth Barracuda for sale1968 Plymouth Barracuda for sale

The ‘Cuda’s your standard bitchin min-muscle: 340c.i., 4-barrel, 4-speed, posi, headers, and not much else. The paint and interior look pretty dang good. We’re guessing the current $3700 bid is a ways away from the unmet reserve. Still, if he’s trying to make a triumphant return after being laughed out the of local drive-in in his fishy spandex outfit, the ‘Cuda would definitely make an impression. eBay Motors

1967 AMC Marlin for sale1967 AMC Marlin for sale

With the exception of the Amphicar, few vehicles look so dang aquatic as the Marlin. This one’s taking things even more literally with the a white and light blue paint job. AMC only made about 2500 Marlins in ’67, and this one was top-spec in it’s day: 343c.i., 4 barrel, power steering, brakes and AC. Inside it’s got bucket seats and a console. Things look a little rough in there, but it’s mostly just a need for carpet. As opposed to the Barracuda, which has benefited (suffered, really) from being elevated to an ivory tower, the Marlin’s pretty much forgotten. The upside? At $2700, the reserve’s already met.

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