1972 Alfa Romeo GT Junior

Should you buy this Alfa on Bring-A-Trailer?

There is something about an Alfa. Bertone knew what they were doing when they designed these cars. They are fantastic.

1972 Alfa Romeo GT Junior

This 1972 Alfa Romeo GT Junior looks the part. The engine in this car was upgraded to a 1,750cc inline-four with twin Dellorto DHLA 40 carburetors instead of the 1,300cc stock engine.

1972 Alfa Romeo GT Junior

This Alfa’s exhaust sound is great. Watch the video to hear.

Bertone Looks

Alfa’s are gorgeous. If I had the means, I would be driving an old Alfa or a BMW 2002. This particular car looks the part from the outside. The interior shot from the driver’s side looks like it is showing the 47 years of age. The seller added images of underneath the rubber floor mats, but it appears that there is sound-deadening material in the way of seeing the actual floor. Some photos of the car on a lift would really have helped.

1972 Alfa Romeo GT Junior

It is a car that is hard to take my eyes off. The interior does look like it is in good shape with no tears in the seats and an intact headliner. There are cracks in the dashboard. 

This car is located in Sicily and comes with Italian registration. I would love to be a part of the jet-set crowd that would fly in to pick this car up, ferry it to Italy, tour through the Italian lakes, and finally drive it to the port in Portugal. We all know that the car handling a road trip like that without any issues is unlikely. But that would be part of the experience.

This auction ends today and doesn’t look like it is going to steamroll its way to the price of most Alfas on BaT. With a couple of hours to go and the bidding is still reasonable. Even if the floors are an issue, which we can’t tell from the images, it’s not a bad price so far.

It is pretty.

1972 Alfa Romeo GT Junior

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10 responses to “Should you buy this Alfa on Bring-A-Trailer?”

  1. Fuhrman16 Avatar

    Yes, do it.

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    The gorgeous exterior is one thing, but the classic dashboard with the wooden steering wheel…yowza. What an amazing view to slide down the road in!

  3. outback_ute Avatar

    I prefer quad headlight versions but it’s a nice looking car. As for rust, the floors would be one of the easiest parts, these can rust everywhere.

    The strangest part of the driving experience is the gear lever, it comes back so far that the shift pattern is more vertical.

  4. Batshitbox Avatar

    What bizarre wingnut vent window cranks. I find the idea of a vent window crank absurd to begin with; the window is right there, just shove it. Adding the weirdness of having to thumb-and-finger the thing seems confounding. The other ones I’ve seen are just 1/2 scale versions of the window cranks.

    Gorgeous car, and I’m content just to see a few of them on the road now and then (well, the US versions). I don’t need to own one. It would add another country to my list of places I’ve owned cars from, but since that list is USA, Sweden and England that’s a low bar.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      I’m usually in the “fewer parts = fewer potential problems” school of automotive design, but I will concede that cranked vent windows generally have the advantage of doing a better job of staying put when buffeted by moving air, especially in intermediate positions.

      What I’ve never understood are vent windows that retract into the door like a conventional window. I imagine they’re better than nothing but they do seem to miss much of the point.

  5. SlowJoeCrow Avatar

    !05 coupes are wonderful things

  6. Zentropy Avatar

    Yep. I drool over nearly every Giulia of that era that comes across BaT. Trouble is, they all go for ridiculous prices. This one gaveled down at $26k, and shipment costs to the U.S. would probably be a couple thousand at least on top of that. They’re gorgeous cars, but I’ll likely never own one.

  7. Maymar Avatar

    At $26k, I can by no means suggest this is unreasonably priced. But I’m also cheap enough I recognize that for a 10th of the price, I can pick up another great sounding Alfa that’s cool looking in its own right (I’m thinking 164, but take your pick). The 90’s GTV’s are also becoming eligible for US importation (they’ve started showing up in Canada several years ago), and those are also more attainable. Admittedly, there’s something special about something with a nice carb setup over fuel injection, but not enough for me to consider the extra outlay.

  8. Manic_King Avatar

    If one plans to import from Europe then FYI that price is not very good, sorry ones cost from 10k and better cars are still cheaper than that BaT offer.

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