Setting The Pace For The Racing Action

The variety of vehicles this olelongrooffan saw this past weekend still continues to astound me and I hope my fellow Hoons enjoy my sharing of them with you. One of the many Barrett-Jackson worthy items I saw was this pair of Camaros, one old, one new. There were a few more and make the jump to see them.

It continues to amaze me how big the newest generation of Camaros and Challengers are. From what I can remember, the decal on the side of the new one stated it was the pace car for the 2011 Indy 500 and the old one was for the 1969 Memorial Day race. I wonder if they built a ton of pace car replicas back in the day for retail consumption as is the case today.

This T-Bird is the pace car for New Symrna Speedway just a tad south of the World Center of Racing. During Speedweeks, a bunch of big name ARCA, Nationwide, and Sprint Cup drivers can be seen Hooning it around down there.

This Hurst Olds was the pace car for the 1972 Indy 500. We old timer Hoons will remember the vivacious Linda Vaughn involved in this parade and with all things Hurst Olds.

This was the only non GM Indy 500 pace car at this show. It seems that car manufacturers would have a run of a few years pacing the 500 then a different one would win that contract. Can one of my fellow Hoons enlighten the rest of us as to how that decision was made? Was it a grand opportunity for a particular manufacturer? Just Hoonicurious.

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