See What You're Missing on AtomicToasters?

Think AtomicToasters is just about old VCR's and 1950's radios? Well you're wrong!

Okay, no, actually, you’re right. It is about those things as well, but that’s not all it’s about. We cover the full gamut of technology related topics; we’ve talked about all sorts of awesome stuff in the last few weeks. Hit the jump to take a closer look at  what you might have missed over at Hooniverse’s sister site, AtomicToasters! 

engineerd had an awesome post discussing a treasure trove of World War II-era Spitfires that may or may not have survived intact and in shipping crates, buried beneath Burma. Yeah, you’ll want to check this out. (Click any image to go to the article.)

Sparky also gave us a summary of his amazing visit to the last of the Big Guns, the USS Iowa. Complete with photos of the legendary Super-Spouse!

Meanwhile, The Professor has explained why we’re searching for the Higgs-Bosun Particle… and it’s not to find a way to power the Starship Enterprise. I know, I was disappointed too.

Fodder has also been regularly educating us on some of the various less-well-known planes of the last century. Every one of them will capture your interest, we guarantee it or your money back!


And our own Tanshanomi did an amazing write-up of a significantly less-than-amazing cellphone.

And we certainly can’t forget the daily posts from TechieInHell. Just pick one, they’re all entertaining!

Oh, and since we’re heading into the weekend momentarily here, make sure you pop in to check out the content, as we have an all-new still-has-the-tags-on-him Weekend Editor, HycoSpeed. His weekend content never ceases to entertain!

Also, be sure to click on the lead image in this post for a little treat as well, and tell us what you think of our upcoming merchandise!

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