Sebring Practice Lap and Commentary with Bill Auberlen

In a typical pre-race TV show you get a lap analysis. It’s usually the best qualifying lap of the pole sitter with a commentary by,… uhmm,… the commentator. The said commentator probably drove around the track before, perhaps even raced there but it was at another time and in a different car.

In this video is Bill Auberen driving for BMW of North America in the American Le Mans practice session at Sebring. What is great about this video is Bill’s commentary. Like riding shotgun with an instructor at a track day, Bill discusses each one of the track’s turns, driving line, and apexes. You also get a glimpse of what is going through the driver’s mind as he is navigating the 3.74 mile circuit along with cars from four other classes.

[Source: BMW NA Motorsports]

Enjoy video and make sure to use you spotter’s guide for this weekend’s race. Also, if you need more info here is your complete ALMS guide.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube]

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