Our search for a family camper continues with the Mitsubishi Delica. Not the boxy, badass 3rd generation that many of us are familiar with as amazing Overland builds, but the now available for US import, curvaceous 4th generation.

The measurables are there for the 4th gen Delica. Seating for seven, turbo diesel four-cylinder, traditional four-wheel-drive system, and the passenger variants are named “Delica Space Gear”.

Mitsubishi Delica Ruins

Same Reliability, Better Aero

The 4th gen is considerably more aerodynamic than the boxy 3rd gen. The engines and transmissions of the 4th generation are based on the rock-solid construction of the Mitsubishi Pajero. The 3rd gen’s drivetrains are also Pajero-based. The 4th generation vans have a monocoque construction and retain their full off-road capabilities without the body on chassis of the 3rd gens.

The transfer case has high and low range gearing and a locking diff. The transmission is either a five-speed manual or a three-speed automatic with overdrive. I’d want the manual.

The Space Gear comes in both long (118.1 in) and short  (110.2 in) wheelbases. The trim specifications in Japan ranged from XR, XG, Exceed, Super Exceed, and Royal Exceed.

Mitsubishi Delica Long

The downside of the 4th Generation Delicas is still the right-hand-drive driver’s position. This is not great for drive-thrus. Since the main reason behind this search if a vehicle large enough to haul the entire family, this becomes a moot point. Your front seat passenger can handle the exchange of money for coffee/food/etc.

The Pajero-based powertrain makes this a great worldwide travel vehicle with plentiful parts availability. In the US, it’s a different story. With fewer and fewer Mitsubishi dealers in the US, parts availability will become an issue. Unless Fuso dealers can also access Pajero/Montero parts too.

A Real Possibility

A major point in the Delica’s favor is the functional hood scoop for the turbo diesel intercooler under the hood.

This is one of the few vehicles that I’ve actually brought up to my wife about finding one. I’ll let you all know how the search goes!

Mitsubishi Delica on a Mountain Road