Scorchio! – 1998 Fiat Punto Cabrio by Bertone

Today it’s been raining constantly since noon. There’s no sight of a similar June day when I photographed this 1998 Fiat Punto Cabrio by the famous coachbuilder and design studio Bertone; it was one of those Finnish summer days that make you wish you had a cheap little droptop for errands, just like the ones everybody rents on a Mediterranean holiday.

Some might say the Punto cabrio wasn’t one of Bertone’s shinier moments, but this one is cleaner than the usual beater rental fare under the sun – and on those rare occasions that there’s no trouble to be had with a leaking roof it must be brilliant. Click and scroll for more.

Isn’t she a looker? Can’t you just hear those Balearic mixtape tunes in your head already? You might also need some duct tape as well, in case the roof isn’t as waterproof as your disposable camera circa ’99.

The Fiat was parked on the LIDL parking lot on a Friday, as I popped in to get some weekend groceries – not all of which came in a 0.5-litre can.

Dat ass. The Punto has some wide Italian child-bearin’ hips right there. Another thing is that the Punto hatchback came with V70-style tall-and-narrow taillights, so custom-designed oval taillights had to be incorporated into the Cabrio design.

The Punto was one of the cheapest drop-top cars when it was available new. The car here has a 1242cc, 86-horse FIRE four, which should be enough for downtown driving but will probably lose speed on archipelagean hills with all seats taken.

Those 13-inch wheels do look like Fiat Uno items to me. Can anybody back me up?

The lady driver of the Fiat said it’s usually driven by her daughter. Not a bad first car, I’d say. Or a shopping basket, for that matter.


[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

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