Sad Craigslist Fastback Friday Find is Sad

fastback mustang

I’m feeling like I’m about to get a cold. It’s a terrible feeling that starts with an achy body, some sniffles, and a general malaise about everything that you are supposed to be doing. Feeling the way I do, I decided to take a moment to find a Fastback Friday post before we hand off the site to Rob’s Last Call and the Weekend Edition posts. I’d hoped to find a vehicle to cheer me up… alas, this was not to be.

I present to you what looks like a decent 1973 Ford Mustang Fastback. Yes, this body style is not exactly loved by everyone, but the one shown here looks like it would make for a fun daily driver classic. If you had to the ad you can see that the interior is in decent shape, the exterior looks solid enough, and the sub-$5,000 asking price is within the average Joe’s wheelhouse.

There’s a reason it’s priced below five grand though…

mustang hit

This was someones work in progress. It was also someones street-parked work in progress, and it was recently hit. The owner has now lost interest in bringing this Mustang to some form of glory, and that’s why it can be yours for less than five large.

It’s sad to see that someone was putting time and effort into this machine only to have another driver snatch that bit of pride and joy away in a fleeting moment of bent metal misadventure. I’m sorry to bum you out before starting the weekend, but hey, perhaps some of you will be happy to see a ’73 smacked around.

I doubt it though.

Okay, I can’t leave you on a sad note… so here’s a burnout.

[Source: Craigslist]

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6 responses to “Sad Craigslist Fastback Friday Find is Sad”

  1. Toxic Avenger Avatar
    Toxic Avenger

    That is repairable damage. remove the fender and tap it back into shape. The door and quarter would fix with a little bump and fill.

  2. Batshitbox Avatar

    Pffft! That damage is child's play, and the re-paint could only be a good idea.
    Following the links shows this car for sale for $8000 in January of 2010. And the Salvage title may be a year old, too.
    Looks like back then he was juggling a '69 Fastback and an El Camino. I'm guessing this was the whipping boy of the fleet.

  3. Rover1 Avatar

    Would make a great base to make a replica of the forgotten Selby Mustang, the Europa
    <img src=""width="600"&gt;
    <img src=""width="600"&gt;

    1. JayP2112 Avatar

      That's pretty cool.

    2. Rover1 Avatar

      mutter mutter sorry, ' Shelby'

  4. Doug Avatar

    That era had TERRIBLE rust issues…most likely why it's not a popular restorer.

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