Run Forrest, Run!

Any port in the storm so the old saying goes, and that was the case in Kastamonu, Turkey, where a driver lost control of his truck after suffering a heart attack, and chased a pedestrian right into the lobby of the Turk Telekom building. Talk about your almost roll over minutes! Check out the close call after the jump.

Video source: [MyFoxDC]

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  1. Alff Avatar

    When playing chicken with a runaway truck in Turkey, duck or your goose will be cooked.

  2. EscortsForever Avatar

    so why didn't he just jump off to the side?
    and fyi everyone: that's not your computer that's beeping 😉

  3. jjd241 Avatar

    Jive Turkey! Maybe the driver was watching this on his mobile phone…

  4. Lucas Avatar

    I will be back.

  5. Leif Solton Avatar

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