Rumor has it: The C8 Corvette may be available with 1,000 horsepower

Chevrolet engineers are taking their time to make sure they get the upcoming C8 Corvette just right. After all, this is the car that will finally end the “Will GM make a mid-engine Corvette?” rumors. Yes, Chevy is set to crank out a Vette with midship-mounted power. And it seems that the power figure may be enough to put an end to the horsepower wars once and for all.

According to a story on Hagerty, the first run of C8 Corvettes will feature familiar 6.2-liter V8 engines cranking out at least 500 horsepower. From there, however, turbochargers will come into the mix. Climb the Corvette ladder, and you’ll eventually land on a twin-turbocharged V8 producing something in the neighborhood of 1,000 horsepower.

If it’s priced below $200,000, the top-tier Corvette (likely a ZR1 branded beast) will offer truly monstrous power per dollar. And it should be the final ka-boom on this wild time we like referring to as the Horsepower Wars.

Dodge went nuts in recent years, especially with the drag-strip destroying Demon. But not even FCA insanity has hit a four-figure horsepower mark.

A 1,000-hp Corvette will be the high-water mark for power in our time. The waters will recede and we will enter the next great automaker shootout. Get ready for a time of added lightness. That’s right; the next great era of automotive production will be a race to drop curb weights will keeping vehicles safe and comfortable.

And that will eventually lead us into the time when EV offerings expand exponentially. As the added lightness allows for ever more powerful battery and motor combinations, while battery backs themselves become more efficient as well.

But until that day comes and the waves of the horsepower war slink back to sea, a banshee yell of a 1,000-hp Corvette will serve as a calendar stamp on history.

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