Rolex 24 at Daytona: Pre-Race Pit Lane Walk

It is almost 12:30am as I am writing this, less than halfway through this 24-hour endurance race. This is good time to mention how the whole thing began. I wish I had a cool story but the start was rather typical.

All the cars lineup on pit-lane in their starting order. The faster DPi cars got a little parade along with their drivers. I think security has somewhat failed to keep the fans from the pit-lane as it was crazy crowded. Fernando Alonso’s #10 Konica Minolta Cadillac was surrounded at least five-people deep.

Fifteen minutes before the race security started chasing everyone off the pit-lane and the race track. All that went surprisingly quick. After some announcements, the blessing, the National Anthem, and removal of the stage, the Audi R8 pace car the racers started their reconnaissance laps. Few minutes later the green flag dropped and the Rolex clock started counting backwards from 24:00:00.

Enjoy the pics.

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