Rolex 24 at Daytona: Every Pit in the Middle of the Night

It is after 2:00am. Those who were going to sleep are already doing so. Those who were not going to sleep aren’t sleeping yet. But the pits are different. The pits have to be ready for anything: emergency tire change, a refill under yellow, or a driver swap.

I decided to walk along the back of the pit-lane and peek into every pit I could along the way. I saw teams planning their stops, getting tires ready, eating, sleeping, telling jokes, organizing, or just being completely absent. There also interesting things pilled along the pit fence.

This is what I saw:


  1. I can only imagine the flooding in pit lane when the rain came – or do they have decent drainage there?

      1. That’s good, I had visions of 1965 or whichever year it was the place nearly floated away. Perhaps they have paid more attention to that rather than some of the corners of the infield course.

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