Roadside Attractions – Junkyard of Dreams

Last month, my dad decided to buy a pickup from a guy up in Lebanon. For those of you not familiar with Lebanon (which is nearly all of you), it’s a medium sized town here in the Ozarks, known for its boat manufacturing and walnut bowls (there is a big factory in town that makes all kinds of wooden products). It happens to be my hometown as well, and a place I always enjoy visiting. We picked up my brother and jumped on the interstate on a sunny Saturday morning.
Were supposed to meet the seller – a small-time used car dealer – at his lot on Saturday morning. We sat and waited for over an hour; around 11:00, he finally woke up. What are you going to do? We were there for a truck, of course, but since the salesman drank all night, we had a little time to kill. We went back to town and got lunch in one of the oldest places in town, the Swiss Inn. Always delicious. The pork tenderloin sandwich is delectable.
But enough about food.
The dealer finally showed up, and showed us the truck, a 2007 Z71 crew cab with the rare Protec bed. While my dad and my brother took the rig for a test drive, I wandered over to the junkyard/garage/storage lot nearby. I was sure glad I did.
1966 Dodge Charger sitting in the weeds, waiting for someone to come along and save it. Yes, that is a Monte Carlo front fascia in the foreground.
This 1968 Imperial Crown Coupe has been sitting for 20 years, but still has air in the tires. In fact, the body is in pretty decent shape. I would love to see it fire up and take it for a drive up the road. It’s a coupe, but it’s a mile long and as wide as a bus.
This 1946 F-1 is in bad shape. What’s left of it is rusted out, even though the cab itself is pretty straight. It’s not too late for someone to rescue this truck and bring it back from the grave, but there’s not a lot left. You do get a cooler out of the deal, though.
In the end, the test drive was a success, the deal was done, and we all went home happy. The old man is enjoying his new rig, and we had a great day. I always enjoy spending the day with my brother and dad looking at cars.
Which one of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.
[Photos Copyright 2016 Hooniverse/Marcal Eilenstein]

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  1. Inliner Avatar

    Is that a white (Alcyone) XT beside the school bus (and visible behind the Pontiac GP) or am I seeing things?

    1. Fuhrman16 Avatar

      Certainly looks like one.

  2. karonetwentyc Avatar

    When I read, “my dad decided to buy a pickup from a guy up in Lebanon,” my first thought was, “and just earlier today I was saying to my wife how a Peugeot 504 pickup would be both practical and utterly confusing to the local populace.”
    Perhaps it is time for another project car; not having one is clearly ruining my reading comprehension. Good spot on the Imperial Crown Coupé, by the way. I’ve always had something of an inexplicable attraction to those.

  3. kogashiwa Avatar

    That Imperial is epic.

  4. 1slowvw Avatar

    I would take that 41 Ford cab/fenders and drop it on an S-10 with a SBC frame faster then you can say rat-rod. I know it would be played out….but the cab at least would be saved.

  5. stigshift Avatar

    Is the Imperial a very rare Mobile Director package?