Road Rage Roundup

Road Rage Roundup logo by Jeannette Copperwaite

My first regular series as Murilee Martin, way back in early ’07, was Road Rage Roundup, and it started off pretty well.
My graphic-designer friend Jeannette Copperwaite needed a new starter in her Tercel, and I needed a catchy animated logo for my new series. A trip to the junkyard and 20 minutes of work and I’d earned my custom logo. I told her to make it look like “a cross between a 1968 low-end Vegas casino sign and a Dead Kennedys album cover.” As you can see, Ms. Copperwaite has some real talent. RRR was pretty easy: I’d look up road-rage stories, excerpt the most head-clutchingly horrible two or three in each week’s episode, and the readers could all feel like sane/well-adjusted drivers because they’d never run an old lady in a Mazda 323 into a ditch over some perceived affront.
The whole exercise was more or less just an excuse for me to shamelessly rip off my journalistic role model Kevin Hoover’s Arcata Eye police-report style. The problem was that doing the research made me loathe all humanity, even more than the normal amount. How about killing a motorcyclist for passing you? Or a mayoral candidate loogying in a fellow driver’s face? So, I killed RRR after a couple of months. But damn, isn’t Jeannette’s logo great?