Road Rage Roundup: It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Road Rage Roundup
Road Rage Roundup logo by Jeannette Copperwaite

My first regular series as Murilee Martin, way back in early ’07, was Road Rage Roundup, and it started off pretty well.
My graphic-designer friend Jeannette Copperwaite needed a new starter in her Tercel, and I needed a catchy animated logo for my new series. A trip to the junkyard and 20 minutes of work and I’d earned my custom logo. I told her to make it look like “a cross between a 1968 low-end Vegas casino sign and a Dead Kennedys album cover.” As you can see, Ms. Copperwaite has some real talent. RRR was pretty easy: I’d look up road-rage stories, excerpt the most head-clutchingly horrible two or three in each week’s episode, and the readers could all feel like sane/well-adjusted drivers because they’d never run an old lady in a Mazda 323 into a ditch over some perceived affront.
The whole exercise was more or less just an excuse for me to shamelessly rip off my journalistic role model Kevin Hoover’s Arcata Eye police-report style. The problem was that doing the research made me loathe all humanity, even more than the normal amount. How about killing a motorcyclist for passing you? Or a mayoral candidate loogying in a fellow driver’s face? So, I killed RRR after a couple of months. But damn, isn’t Jeannette’s logo great?


  1. If the late-90s onward skate and associated action sports culture has taught me anything, it's that a good logo will sell stuff regardless of what product it's associated with.
    The tragic final conclusion of this principle: Von Dutch anything. Seriously, people: learn some history.

    1. Man… I need to get some RRR trucker caps printed up, ASAP!
      Speaking of the future Murilee Martin Lifestyle Brand™ empire, do any of you want <a href="">Noch Ein Scheiß-E30 T-shirts? Walker has a bunch that didn't sell at the last LeMons South, and I'm going to put them on eBay one of these days. If enough Hooniversarians want them, I'll see to it that y'all get first shot.

          1. How about a nice coffee-table car book, courtesy of the publishers who send me copies to review? I haven't cranked up the PCH shirt assembly line for over a year, and it's tough to get the motivation to do so.

      1. I'd totally take/buy/earn/steal one! I wear my driveshaft-thru-skull t-shirt with pride…when it's warmer out. Now it winds up hidden under my hoodie.
        Plus, my dashing moustache for Movember is distracting everyone from the awesomeness of my wardrobe.
        Everyone with $5 to spare should donate to the Hooniversal Moustache Association. Help fight prostate and testicular cancer!
        /shameless plug

      2. I'd totally take/buy/earn/steal one! I wear my driveshaft-thru-skull t-shirt with pride…when it's warmer out. Now it winds up hidden under my hoodie.
        Plus, my dashing moustache for Movember is distracting everyone from the awesomeness of my wardrobe.
        Everyone with $5 to spare should donate to the Hooniversal Moustache Association. Help fight prostate and testicular cancer!
        /shameless plug

        1. I LOVE the Price is Right fail music! It generates a chuckle every time.
          I was also hoping for a cool new segment. With such a kick ass logo, how could you not?

          1. Now that I listen to it again, it seems to be a Tuba / trumpet combination.
            (I was in band for 7th & 8th grade. I didn't learn much)

      3. Sure! Do you have pictures/prices?
        Also, I should probably ask your permission before I start marketing "Murilee/Orosz for President 2012." What'dya think?

    2. The Von Dutch thing reminds me of words of wisdom from Mister Jalopy:
      "Everything you love, everything meaningful with depth and history, all passionate authentic experiences will be appropriated, mishandled, watered down, cheapened, repackaged, marketed and sold to the people you hate."
      (… )
      And was I the only one that thought, "Awesome, another RRR!" upon seeing the title? Ahh, just as well that Murilee hold onto what little affection he has for humanity. We don't want him going all Kaczynski on us.

      1. There was actually a post by him about when the Von Dutch paint set was sold at auction.
        He asked one of the moms at his kids' school wearing a Von Dutch trucker hat if she knew who he was, and she said he was some kind of European designer.
        Couldn't find the post…might have been on Jalopy Junktown, which died a horrible death at the hands of a database error or something.

  2. Yes, please!
    Y'know, before I started following LeMons, I had no idea what E30s were and if I had to guess I would say it was some sort of ethanol blend, much like a BS Judge's BAC on Friday night 😉

  3. That is a kickass logo. Too bad the series made you loathe humanity and you had to quit before you went on a killing spree trying to clean up the gene pool. Not because it kept you out of jail, but because I would have been right beside you with a Chinese knockoff AK-47 and a baseball bat.

    1. Sign me up when the spree begins. I don't have any fancy machine guns or baseball bats, though. I do happen to have some 2X4s (with nails in 'em) left over from my last fence repair, and a set of J.A. Henckels knives.

      1. The Hakim is the reason the Egyptians lost the Suez War in '56. It weighs about 300 pounds, so Hakim-armed soldiers could only march for a few dozen yards at a time before collapsing in exhaustion.

        1. I am waiting for that to happen, until then, I'll bang away and once that happens I may have to get an iPhone (I'm anti-iPhone, can't type on the damn thing!!!)
          Isn't it great to see Murilee here? Brings a tear to my eye…

          1. I do like my Pre but it's so sloooooow… especially compared to the 3GS iPhone.

          2. I have become very quick on my iPhone… heck, I could even write a Hooniverse post on one.

          3. If you have trouble with the the touch screens, get a BlackBerry Tour or Curve 8900. I have both a BlackBerry (work) and an iPhone (personal). I can type well enough on both but make fewer errors on the BlackBerry.

          4. I have a 8310 Curve right now and am rather quick on it, yeah. I love the 8900…my problem is the darn web app sux my big toe…and I usually give up trying to get to a link to anywhere on it because of that… 🙁 Boo Blackberry internet browser.

          5. I type better on an iPhone than on any other of them tiny keyboards. The error correction and variable-size touch zone stuff that Apple threw in there is excellent and basically invisible, and it works a lot better than my fat fingers do on those other "real" keyboards, where you actually have to press the right keys all the time…

        2. Huh…really?
          Do they block all blogs?
          I suspect it might be because of some of our twtter/facebook plugins, rather than the site itself.

    1. I'd have to hire Jeannette (or Walker) to do more work for me, since my graphic-design skilz are primitive at best. Those damn artists ain't cheap!

  4. Love that logo. I'd love it if the series were resurrected, but I can see where it could drive you nuts. Too much idiocy out there. I can relate, after driving a cab for going on five years back in SLC I began to hate that job and everybody around me while I was working, with a passion. One can only take so much before it erodes your cheerful disposition.

      1. Yep. Just did tonight. Thanks for the bad idea, you dredged up all kinds of lousy memories, which I will be glad to share with the likes of you. See Accidental Hoonage. Good night.

  5. Twit & FB plugins make it past the nannies here at my office, though the sites themselves don't. You can tell 'cause I'm posting this from my work machine right now!

    1. Yes, awesome. I was thinking of Mark's post as well.. the obnoxious mom personifies what's wrong with the sell-your-soul culture.

  6. I love "Scuderia Hooniverso"…!
    And of course, I was not implying pursuing anything that would be disrespectful to what Jonny L. has done… In an ideal world, he would be hands-on in management of the Scuderia. His background historical write-ups were one of my favorite things to read in the entire automotive blogsphere. Spending time strolling around the car show last Sunday with him was delightful and enlightening.

  7. Sure, just nothing that would qualify as NSFW. I'll have a hard enough time trying to explain to the wife why I am getting gifts from a Murilee. I'm not overly concerned either way.

  8. PERFECT! Even more motivation to get my own personal PCH running. A 77 Corvette that I drove from 1990-1996 (Junior year in high school to Senior year in college) and has been sitting in my parent's garage, my garage, and now my basement/garage. It is all in one piece, but needs some engine work. I'm trying to decide between rebuild or crate motor as soon as budget permits.

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