Right Hand Drive AMCs Blow Minds (and Fuel Budgets) Across the Pond

Right hand drive 69 AMC Rambler Rebel
Note the steering wheel
Our own FTGDHoonEdition was out and about in Essex and stumbled across what have got to be some ridiculously rare AMCs. Hit the jump for his description. Right hand drive 69 AMC Wagon

I came across these beauties. I don’t have much info on model year information of AMC cars but a quick search of  wiki reveals that the black 2 door convertible is probably a 67’/68′ Rebel/Rambler convertible while the wagon is a ’69 Rebel. I was transfixed at the sight of these cars sitting on a back street, in middle of some place in England, surrounded by all the “tiny” Euro hatchbacks.. I snapped off a couple of quick pics (attached) with my crackberry. I was already late for an appointment, had to hurry back before I could take a closer look at the cars. And the big surprise: Both were right hand drive. Didn’t know AMC made them for RHD markets too.

Right hand drive 69 AMC Rambler Rebel Neither did we. What bizarre logic drove 4th place AMC feel they needed to jump through the engineering and regulatory hoops to gain what must’ve been a few dozen sales in that land of narrow roads and expensive fuel? We’re sure our all-star commenters can figure it out. If not, we’ll have to go ask Hemmings for help on our homework. Last time we did that, it cost us our Oreos. Please, won’t someone think of the Oreos?!.

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